Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yellowstone 2011 Preview

I've known the dates for a week or two but finally got them in print yesterday. I'll be back in the park in mid-March, work three months at a new job (also in Mammoth Hot Springs), then switch back to the job I had last year for four months until mid-October. How the new job works out will probably determine if I'll be working more at the end of 2011 or if there will be a Yellowstone 2012. The first couple months should be pleasantly quiet because the hotel will be closed until mid-May. The NPS and private full timers will be around but the only temp employees working will be the group I'll be in (Reservations) and the folks running the cafeteria for us. It will be fun to watch the place wake up, and then have a summer where I know what to expect as far as the job and life in the park.

Considered traveling for the first couple weeks of March since my current lease runs through the end of February, and also checked to see if there were any interesting Yellowstone Institute classes in early March, but I think I'll wind up just paying another month's rent here since I'll probably be on the road in October and a month's rent here will be cheaper than a couple weeks of hotel rooms. I expect that I'll head out March 10th or 11th and spend a few days in Bozeman before going to the park, but haven't made definite plans yet.

See ya in the mountains.

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