Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Weeks, Two Domes

Made it down for a good day in St. Paul yesterday, and sold another bunch of books and cds. In the course of my last book trip or maybe just hauling juice from the market, a rip had started in my old gym bag so I went to REI yesterday and got a new one along with a second duffel bag for the trip. Mallard was a tempting color choice, but all things considered I thought Sagebrush was more appropriate.

I got my last dozen Bruegger's Everything bagels for quite a while and had a great green curry with seitan, broccoli, pea pods, and basil at a Thai place.

The day took me through a couple areas I considered moving to about five years ago though it seems much longer ago. It was fun to think back on my visits to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Raptor Center as I passed near them. There are a lot of roads not taken for me there. As for the roads the buses took, well, there's a lot more snow there than here--they had another foot last Sunday while we were just getting blown away by wind. I saw many mailboxes barely peeking out of snowbanks by the sides of the road.

While in the city, I took quick photos of St. Paul's domes.

I think Church easily beats State for the right to face Nature for the championship, but we all know that one's going to be a landslide.


Allan Stellar said...

Since I used to live in St. Paul, that Cathedral has an interesting story. It was built to actually be higher in elevation than the dome of the State Capitol. They wanted the Cathedral to be the most prominent building in the landscape.

I remember going to a rally at that Cathedral back in the early 80's when there was quite a decent Salvadoran solidarity movement in Minnesota. Memories...

greentangle said...

I remember Joseph Campbell speaking about how the tallest buildings used to be churches, then maybe there was a palaces/government stage, and now (then) it was corporate skyscrapers.

Is the cathedral itself taller than the capitol, or does that include the hill that it's on? I think it dominates by architecture alone anyway.

Allan Stellar said...

Both the Cathedral and the hill are higher than the Capitol. That was done intentionally.

Curious about Campbell's comments about tallest buildings. Shows who has the power, doesn't it?

Good thing Everest remains the tallest material structure on the planet. Nature wins!