Monday, March 7, 2011

Computer Hours

I got the good news Saturday that we'll be getting picked up in Bozeman next Tuesday. I'd thought I was going to have to spend Monday taking a bus back to Livingston to be picked up there. Of course, if I'd known sooner I would have stayed in Duluth for another day, but I am grateful that I won't have to bother with the extra bus and cabs. Now to start checking to see if there's anything going on in Bozeman this weekend. If not, a king size bed, tv, refrigerator, and microwave will get me through a few days of altitude adjustment and toiletries shopping just fine. I expect you'll hear from me next on mountain time.

Brown 39.4
Garcia/Garcia & Grisman/Grateful Dead 27.4
Dylan 24.4
Eaglesmith 20.9
Bach 18.8
Brahms 16.9
Holiday 15.7
Waterboys 15.6
Beatles/Harrison/Lennon 14.7
Mahler 14.2
Sibelius 9.0
Cockburn 7.4
Scaggs 7.3
Bromberg 7.0
Waits 5.9
Griffin 5.8
Morrison 5.6
CCR/Fogerty 5.2
Thompson 4.6
Young 4.3

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