Monday, March 14, 2011

Goodbye, Cruel World

Keep your primate problems, I'm going back to Wonderland tomorrow. One of last year's coworkers wrote me that he's jealous because he's not going back until five weeks from now. But he was there long before me last year, so it's only fair.

Yesterday I visited Museum of the Rockies, which is a must-see if you're interested in dinosaur fossils. I'm not especially; I went to see the brightly colored frogs and took some cool photos which I'm not allowed to post.

This morning I used the Bozeman bus system for the first time so I could go to a big box and buy seven months of supplies. The buses here are free, but take some figuring out--each route only runs once an hour and instead of the usual back and forth routes, they're more like following loop trails. Some of them meet downtown, some at the university, and some don't meet at all. Often you have to start out in the opposite direction to get where you're going.

So I saw parts of Bozeman I'd never seen before including the Chickpea Cafe which just opened last month and where I returned for lunch after getting my supplies back to the hotel. Another restaurant I tried for the first time on this trip was Soby's where they have breakfast burritos you eat with a fork, not a fist. It's a spicy way to start the day but fortunately they bring a carafe of water to the table. I was disappointed to learn they were closed Mondays--I was going to return today. I'll miss restaurants--I'm not sure what seven months of EDR food is going to do to me considering 4 1/2 months were driving me crazy last year, but I guess I'll find out.

Now to start repacking and then have a relaxing day and evening here at the hotel. Tomorrow morning they come to take us away around 7:30, with park ETA around 9:00 for paperwork and a new ID, and a new room to call home, mailbox keys and mail, old and new faces, a little work intro, unpacking, settling in, and deep breaths in a park about as empty of humans as it ever gets.

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