Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idiots are Blowin' in the Wind

Observations from this morning's walk:

The park service was watering the hotel lawn in the rain.

A woman was standing on someone's front lawn surrounded by elk.

A man and his family ignored a barricade and were walking on a hot spring terrace. He then stuck his hand in the water.

The replacement windows being put on our dorm have those annoying fake panes. We live in a national park--why would we want an unobstructed view?

Actually I suspect that our dorm is being turned into an annex for the hotel. It was somewhat designed for that from the beginning--our room numbers are in the 500s and 600s because the first 400s are in the hotel and our room doors have the slots for checkout time notices. And I can't believe this much effort would go into prettifying an employee dorm. New siding, roof, windows, and interior painting? By the end of last year, they were cutting back on our food.

And we already have our first bear fatality of the season.

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