Friday, August 19, 2011

Riding to New Orleans?

A coworker is there right now because an apparently insane friend of hers decided to get married in the steam of August in the Big Easy. Listening to her talking excitedly last week about the restaurants, the jazz, and the blues has gotten me excited too.

I spent a week in New Orleans in 1989 and loved it. I expected to return often and even fantasized about moving there (which undoubtedly would have destroyed the fantasy).

Maybe 22 years is long enough between visits. I'm considering a trip there in November and have learned my old hotel is still there in the Quarter and just a few blocks from a nearby neighborhood now very popular for music clubs. Simply reading the names of clubs where I hung out sent a thrill through me as I listened to Fats sing Blueberry Hill.

The Duluth to New Orleans to Bozeman buses would take me through a few states I've never seen before. And in late November, through a few climate changes as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing details next week when she returns.

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