Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is a test

In my last month or two at Yellowstone, I was starting to investigate getting a new camera and had narrowed it down to a Canon and a Nikon, each with almost double the zoom on the Fuji camera I have. Haven't gotten one of those yet, but when I decided to go to New Orleans, I wanted to get one of the flat fit-in-your-pocket cameras to take with me, knowing that I'd also carry it around with me all the time when I get back to the park.

I got one of those last week and finally got around to taking a few pictures with it today. My first thoughts are that the process is infinitely more complicated and results in inferior photos but I suppose the second part is to be expected.

I got some great news at a doctor's appointment yesterday--that a diagnosis I got ten years ago was wrong. Since I had a much more thorough exam and tests yesterday than I had then, I'm happy to believe the good news. It probably would have made some things turn out very differently last year had I known then, but this is very good timing as well.

Let's curl.

This has been a test. Had this been an actual post with something worth seeing, it would have appeared on someone else's blog.

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