Friday, January 20, 2012


That's the title of a Vine book I reviewed a while ago on Amazon. To give you an idea of the book's subject, the subtitle is "the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking". It was an ok book, one I took simply because nothing better was offered that month. My short review was honestly a throwaway--nothing I had much interest in spending a lot of time on.

The book is still a few days away from its release, and I've been stunned by the number of votes reviews have already been receiving. I could probably make a list of a couple dozen much more important books I've reviewed there, add up their votes, and not reach the total number of votes this book review has received. The big difference, of course, is that all those books I consider more important are about the natural world, humanity's distance from it, abuse of other species, extinction, etc.

But apparently nothing is more important to many introverts than themselves. What is really most interesting, and maybe a bit frightening as well, are the comments I've received. Many of them seem to come from a point of believing that all introverts must have the same opinion as the commenter, and a few of them, if representative, would make a good case that introverts are indeed mentally ill, a point the book argues against. I think the comments also demonstrate how ill at ease young people feel about their places in society. You can judge for yourself here. I haven't responded to the comments at all yet, but will probably use this post as the basis for doing so.


It's been relatively quiet in Yellowstone and I've been quiet here myself. Having a room to myself this winter has been a great relief from the issues which arise from sharing a small room with a stranger. To some extent I'd like to say that it's led to a lot of writing and deep thinking as well, but really it's led to having a couple beers most nights and spending a lot of time listening to music. Which has been great in its own right, because music has always been my gateway to my emotions, and they've been swirling lately between a couple women after many years of rarely feeling anything at all. This morning I told one I still wanted to get together to explain why I'd been so reserved with her last fall; tomorrow morning I'll see the other I've been missing for three days while she's been away.

I haven't actually seen the work schedule yet to verify that I have the time off, but a week from now I expect to be packing for a snow coach trip and a few days at Old Faithful. To be at a place unreachable by automobile has perhaps been an unrealized lifetime dream. It seems like it should be quiet; it will certainly be isolated. And I no doubt will make an effort to spend my days farther away from the few people there. I will tell my inner voice to be quiet and stop talking.

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