Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turning Points

The hotel is closed and most employees leave tomorrow. The empty season has arrived. A woman I’d gone out with a few times leaves tomorrow also. We had some nice chemistry, but I soon realized that she was much too social for me, that the enthusiasm she showed when she saw me was nothing that she didn’t show anyone, and that in fact many other people here were more important to her than I was. Lord knows what she realized about me.

Three months passed without being able to get together with the woman from last autumn who I had high hopes for. Plans were canceled and canceled again, and the high hopes and what I wanted to explain to her began to seem like irrelevant ancient history and a new beginning unlikely.

I had some minor surgery this morning which will keep me from doing anything adventurous during these couple days off. The gym is going to be closed for repairs for the next month or so—I hadn’t been going lately because of an achy knee and general apathy, but my interest was just swinging back when I discovered the notice on the door.

One of the people who will be leaving soon and greatly changing my feelings about the community also happens to be my summer boss. I might have applied for the job if I wouldn’t have had to move out of the park if I were to get it. I’ve heard that over thirty people have applied for the job. Everyone wants to tell me what to do. All things considered, I’m suddenly considering the possibility that it might be my last year here. But then I’d have to consider where I’ll be next year.

It’s beer-drinking, Fred Eaglesmith-listening time.

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