Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Thoughts on the Change

I made a few notes about the Yellowstone years but haven't really written much yet. I got internet set up in my apartment this morning and thought I'd share a few things I've noticed over the past week. The nonstop busy days have ended and when I get over the cold I have at the moment I hope to do a couple hikes before the trails are buried in snow.

Some things I've liked

Leaves of various colors
Lake Superior waves
Dangling bunches of bright red mountain ash berries
Grey squirrels
Reconnecting with old friends
As expected, the library, restaurants, and buses

Some things I've disliked

My apartment is a dump (176 days left on my lease but if I decide I want to stay in Duluth, I can move back to the much better building where I used to live whenever there's an open apartment--next one is January), as I should have expected from the price. There are electrical and plumbing issues which will be worked on, but the unsolvable problem is that the kitchen area has no room for actually cooking which was one of the things I was most looking forward to about getting out of the park. On the other hand, I did a pricing run at a supermarket and cooking may be too expensive anyway. $4 for a bunch of broccoli (a major ingredient in my cooking) and it wasn't even good looking broccoli.

White trash, black trash, incense and heavy tobacco smokers--there are a lot of problem people in Duluth of types not usually run into in Yellowstone.

The mid 30s feels a lot colder here now than it does in YNP--could be a tough winter.

Businesses apparently think they deserve personal information about people now. I bought a pair of jeans and was asked for my phone number. I said I didn't have one and got asked for my email. All you get is my money. I cashed a work check from YNP at a bank and the teller actually asked me what I was going to do with the cash. You don't get my money.

Some things I've missed

Wildlife, even the annoying omnipresent elk
Smell of sage
Some people
Snow-capped mountains

Something I haven't decided about yet

I own my first cell phone


Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Been spending some time reading here and your old place catching up. Kia kaha e hoa...

greentangle said...

Hi Robb, seems like people are out to destroy the natural places here and there one way or another--shutdowns, cuts, loopholes. Hope you're well. Had a few beers with my New Zealand friend in an Irish bar here last week.

For whatever reason, my current favorite bit of lyric:

Well, I know I'm no fun
When I'm mopin' like the pope
Hummin' Otis in the rain
These arms of mine will hold up hope

Ruahines said...

Ha! I prefer melancholy to happiness anyway. And always love Otis...just been out in the Ruahine with Don Watson, who was over here. We had a very cool time. Justifies this cyber world very well having such encounters. Kia kaha e hoa!

greentangle said...

Yes, was good to meet Don when he came to YNP also. The ships are still rolling in and away here in Duluth. ;-)