Friday, December 13, 2013

All the News That's Fit to Bore

My sight unseen apartment was a dump when I got here but after some cleaning by me, repairs, a new stove, and new windows coming, I’m pretty happy with the place now.

Those windows will come in handy because the ones here now have ice coatings on the inside due to the weather we’ve had. After a couple feet of snow which earned the #6 spot on all-time Duluth storms, we’ve had a looonnnng cold spell, supposedly the 8th coldest early winter in local history. The lowest numbers I’ve noticed have been -17 air temperature and a wind chill of -39. At times the Lake has been hidden under its own cloud of steam, hundreds of feet high.

I had been working on emptying out my storage unit and expected to finish that last week until the weather changed my plans. We’re supposed to soar up to a normal 20 for a couple days next week and I’ll finish it up one of those days.

I never tried the federal health insurance site but using the Minnesota one, I got to a bug that it wouldn’t let me past so I sent them an email. They never replied but when I tried it a couple weeks later, it had been fixed and after finishing the online application, I’m now waiting for something in the mail.

Before I left Yellowstone, some people were asking me if I’d be back. Depending on the person and my mood, I’d say that I doubted it, didn’t know if I’d ever be back, would need a couple months away before I’d be able to make a decision, but it always felt like I was leaving for the last time. I feel like I’m pretty much on that couple months schedule because I do now have an idea, a hope (not a plan yet) of how I’d like all this to turn out. Is it possible to have both a home and more freedom at the same time?

When I got back here, I was thinking of joining the Y for the winter. I found out that was a lot more expensive than I expected and, considering that I had used the free gym in Mammoth very rarely in the past two years because my knees can’t handle most of the equipment, I didn’t sign up. I was doing quite a bit of walking before the weather turned the world icy and I started spending all my time reading, watching Netflix, and working on getting the highlights of twenty years of journals on the computer so I can dump one more box of stuff. I’m never going to be the runner I was in Boston, but I’ve started thinking about diet and tai chi and whatever exercise I can still do again. I’m way too old to be eating like a teenager. We’ll see how long this positive stuff lasts this time. ;-)

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