Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good Riddance, 2013

This was the 3rd snowiest and 7th coldest December in Duluth's records. We just finished a two day heat wave (above freezing yesterday) so I made it over to Superior to check out the pizza and the previously pictured t-shirt at Thirsty Pagan. The Mediterranean pizza was great, the shirt sold out, but they're supposedly getting more in the next month or two and I have my request in. Tonight we drop below zero and it's predicted that we won't get back above it until next year.

I spend some time each day working on a project of getting the highlights of almost twenty five years of my journals onto my computer. Realistically, there's a good chance I'll die before I actually finish this project, but if not it will be great to be able to do a search for any topic and find everything I've had to say about it. 

Since I got here, I've been working on the Yellowstone journals, thinking it might help me decide whether to return. I keep two journals, one for the human world, and one about nature. I only have about six months left to do of the human journals for the Yellowstone years, and today I started on the nature journal, which is generally a hell of a lot more fun to read. From my very first day in the park:

5/29/10 It was snowing, 30s when I left Bozeman, snowing now in Canyon twelve hours later. Saw elk lounging on the grass at Mammoth, a couple small groups of bison along the way, and a mama grizzly with four cubs in meadow just after Bunsen Peak. Went through lots of burned areas—the big old one and a more recent smaller one. Creeks and pools were steaming. Walked in a big snow.

Not a bad first day, especially seeing the Quad Mom. 

I'm also doing lots of reading, and one book I'm reading right now is Shadow Mountain: A Memoir of Wolves, a Woman, and the Wild. I expect to write a lot more about this book, but it may not be until I get a copy of my own to make notes in. This book is really getting to me, as many things are these days since I don't need to keep my defenses up constantly to cope with being around people all day. I feel like I'm on a much needed sabbatical.

I raise my Black Butte Porter to 2014.

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