Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Madness

Today's 50 degree weather filled the Lakewalk with runners, perfume wearers, and pocketbook dogs. It's not spring though--we may be getting an ice storm or more snow tomorrow. It's currently the 12th snowiest winter here, already about two feet over average. 

It's been a wild few days in my old neighborhood. Thursday there was a murder/suicide in Gardiner, five miles from where I lived in Yellowstone. I learned of it before going to work Friday. Names hadn't been released so I had to spend a few hours wondering if it was anyone I knew since the town's population is only about 900 and many of them have connections with the park. After work, I read and didn't recognize the names of the two residents involved, although the victim had worked for NPS for twenty years. I haven't seen photos, but even if I didn't recognize them, I'm sure I know many people who knew them, and that the little town will be dealing with this for quite a while.

Early this morning a 4.8 earthquake, the largest in 34 years, was felt in the area of Yellowstone where I lived. The epicenter was about twenty miles south of Mammoth, where they also had five inches of snow overnight. It will be very interesting to hear if the quake changes any of the geysers and other geologic features, as has happened after past earthquakes. If I miss the big eruption, I'm going to be pissed that I'm not there.

I've settled into my current routine of a very part time job which covers about half of my expenses, wondering whether I want to look for a second job or just enjoy the free time when/if more comfortable weather arrives. I want to spend a lot of time walking this summer--I suspect my health and fitness is going to wind up being the determining factor in whether I decide to return to Yellowstone next year. 

Meanwhile, I fill my sloth time easily, with a couple dozen current hold requests for library books and dvds, about a dozen books in my to be read pile, and a still growing music collection to enjoy. My latest discovery, a mix of country, gospel, and metal, alternating lonely sentiment and whiskey-fueled obscenity, can be heard here. Last week, I got a free (and much needed, since I had no intention of buying one) vacuum cleaner from the same Amazon program which has been providing me with free books since 2008.