Saturday, May 3, 2014

Reading the Future

After receiving hundreds of requests to review something through an email address I have on Amazon (often a book review request from someone whose email made clear that s/he couldn't write or proofread), I finally accepted one last week and the book arrived today. It's a mostly photography book from an organization trying to save cheetahs, so I'll post that review on the other blog in a week or two.

I also signed myself up on NetGalley when I discovered that one of my favorite publishers, Island Press, offers advance copies there which aren't offered in the Amazon program. I actually have two of their books on order which are available in free early copies through NetGalley. I hope to get some good free reading in the future.

I've just started a bunch of medical stuff to see what condition my condition is in. All I know for sure so far is that my blood pressure is lower than it was the last couple times I had it taken in Yellowstone. I don't know if that's an elevation thing or if the changes I've made in the past month are actually paying off already. 

I've lost 10 pounds since I bought a scale last month, through a combination of changing what and how much I eat, and being able to walk a lot more with the lack of ice. Lots of salad, more veggies, more oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts (when I hurt my wrist I iced it with a bag of frozen blueberries--that's why they're a superfood!), no chips, pizza, juice, and a lot less beer (I'm just occasionally using up what was in the refrigerator). Ideally, I'll lose another 25 pounds just as easily and then see what I think. I was going to buy some dumbbells and start working on strength as well, but decided to put that off for now since I've been having some arm pains. Combined with other symptoms, I think it's a nervous system issue, but it could be circulation also, so I'll wait for test results before overdoing it.

I had a CT scan a couple days ago which left me with a bruised arm and a mild allergic reaction to the IV dye. I'm having a heart stress test Monday and hoping it won't kill me, since I wound up having some flutters the last time I had one 20 years ago. Just in case, I wanted to post this to say goodbye. If I'd been told a year ago that I was dying, I wouldn't have cared much, but it would be too ironic to find out I'm in trouble now when I'm finally starting to get back in shape, trying for one more stretch of good health and adventures.