Friday, October 31, 2014

Brisk, with Waves

Saw some patches of ice when I was walking to work this morning. Can't complain as it has been a lovely October. This winter might only be five months long instead of the usual six. 

I had a nice time visiting Marquette, the UP, and an old friend for the first time in ten years and made a new dog friend. It was fun to enjoy the small town feel compared to urban Duluth. Halloween decorations were big there, entertaining during dog walks. I saw quite a few people in costume today including a sheriff I definitely wouldn't have resisted if she'd taken me into custody.

I changed my primary medical clinic because I didn't have any confidence in my last doctor; haven't picked a new doctor yet. Fortunately I didn't need one after climbing and descending Ely's Peak the other day, despite doing it in running shoes on damp rocks and leaves. Today at work I was pulling books which hadn't been checked out in years--it was a little depressing because I was working on a section related to events of the 60s and 70s and besides living it, I had read some of the books I was pulling. There's just no resisting this getting old and irrelevant shit.

I always put hold requests on forthcoming books and popular dvds at the library. It can take months before my turn comes and then they all hit at once. Today there were three books and three dvds for me, and then I got two free books for review in the mail. I'm gonna be busy.

Beer's running low though so I'll make time to restock next week. There are always new ones to try, but I've sampled most of the ones I had on my list, and have decided on my five favorite breweries at this point--Bell's, Deschutes, Dogfish Head, Founders, and Sierra Nevada. Three of those aren't available in the Yellowstone area--almost enough to make me wonder why I redid my application when requested this week. Will I be carrying beer 1000 miles? Maybe a little.