Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I could put my eye out with that thing (and other news)

At the library, books are held in place on shelves by thick hanging metal pieces which snap into grooves under the shelf above--to adjust them, you need to press on them to be able to move them. Today when I was shelving, one flew out and smashed into my glasses. After I finished saying "Holy fuck" I looked at my glasses and found the right lens and hinge damaged on the inside. So I was about half an inch from disaster. This came on the heels of dealing with sciatica which had me wondering if I'd be able to get up from my bedroll on the floor a couple mornings ago.

Thankfully, I never wanted contact lenses due to a lack of interest in constantly poking myself in the eyes, along with a case of anti-vanity. A friend recently got a laugh when I showed her the cracked toenail I've had since I was a kid which I got when I tripped over a pine tree stump as I was running away from a girl who wanted me to kiss her. Rather than risk further injury, I used several strategies over the years to keep most women uninterested--glasses, hairiness, deciding when I was a teenager I didn't want kids, not driving, a lack of interest in money and things, a need for solitude, being more interested in romance than one night stands, and in later years a lot of extra weight. A few got through the defenses over the years, but even those didn't last long.

I've been reading about the wildfire in Glacier National Park which at last report was at about 2000 acres, and has caused several evacuations due to the strong possibility that it may explode. Updates at their news release page.

I recently finished reading a book, The Year Yellowstone Burned, about Yellowstone's 1988 fires which burned over a third of the park and was very interesting for someone familiar with the park's locations. It consisted of a series of maps of the park showing the areas burning on a particular date and anecdotes about what was happening in the park at the time. The only developed area of the park (and several towns on the borders) which wasn't directly threatened was the Lake area. I'm sorry I didn't get there when first offered a job in 1980 so I could have seen the differences.

As for the current Yellowstone, I have applied for a job starting in December but haven't heard anything yet. Even if the conversation goes well, there are several issues which I think are likely to keep me from returning. Either way, I expect this will probably be the last time I apply.

Thanks to Jain for tipping me off to an interview with Doug Peacock at Home of the Brave. It starts out with discussion of his book about the Clovis people, but it was halfway through when it got interesting to me with comments about what you don't think about when hiking in grizzly country, how being a loner gets one through a lack of community, and the coming collapse.

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