Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Agree with George Bush (pick one)

One of them doesn't like Cruz and the other one can't understand how anyone can support Trump after all his vile comments. But what I especially agree with is Bush the elder saying that he's getting old at just the right time, although it's different societal changes which make us feel that way. Of course, he's more than thirty years older than me, but fortunately I'm not rich and powerful so I won't have to live as long as him. 

The other day I searched for a name from my past as I'm prone to do when drinking and bored with the internet (I also write posts like this one). I stumbled across a PDF of one of my college yearbooks and then found the other three. I saved them and looking through them has been an amusing memory trip.

A few things I learned or remembered--

I liked to pose for photos with my shirt off in those days, a sight I wouldn't subject my worst enemy to these days. One I didn't remember (it will soon be clear why) was my sophomore year dorm floor photo, an all male dorm, an all hippie floor (most of them were seniors and it was a different place after they graduated). Amidst the bongs and glazed eyes, I wear a towel and a canteen and hold a sign I can't read or recall. The guy behind me reaches around to grab my nipple. By the time my senior year coed floor photo was taken outside the town train station, I was more subdued, sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe, but still baring my chest. 
The woman I planned to marry after college was a cheerleader one year--I didn't recall that at all. I thought I'd had to wait a few years to date a former cheerleader--now there are two!
There's a photo of me and a woman watching a softball game. I told her she was one of the two most beautiful women I'd ever known (the other was a blue-eyed blonde in a bikini when I was a teenager). We had our moments at Senior Serenade (a tradition in which seniors got drunk and then sang at various dorms). It happened to fall on my birthday and I'd just won an election (the college president immediately banned me from meetings my predecessors had attended--my writing had already given me a reputation) so I was primed for a good night. I clearly recall a moment standing in the bar with one arm around this woman and the other around her roommate (who I was also quite fond of) and thinking that it would never get any better than this. It really didn't. After we staggered back to our dorm, I suggested a birthday kiss and we crashed kissing through the doors of a lounge which was full of people.

Although we all look very young, some of us are long dead including a great woman who died of cancer a couple years after we graduated. The rest of us are getting old at just the right time.

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