Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It Can Always Get Worse

I read W said some negative things about 45, and I thought, “Gee, I wish W were President.” Who woulda thunk it? And I remember how disgusted I was when Reagan and Nixon were in the White House. Ah, for the good old days when the GOP created environmental laws instead of letting the robber barons do whatever they wanted.

A couple things I’ve heard. “Rich people like clean air and water.” Presumably true, which makes it lucky for them that they’re able to move far away from the pollution they cause. No mansions by the pipeline or summer homes next to the coal mine for them. “States should have control over environmental laws.” A basic lack of understanding of the way the environment works. Dear Pruitt: Just like the aforementioned rich people, the wind blows and the water flows beyond your imaginary state lines. Also, the same thing occurs beyond your fascist nationalistic borders.

The other day in an email, I wrote about the poor little rich boy’s dreams of gungho militarism, and the program wanted to correct gungho to bunghole. Very appropriate, I thought. He doesn’t just want to be a king, he wants to be a despot, tyrant, dictator. I’ve noticed the Hitler and Third Reich books in the library have been getting used a lot. I suppose it could be folks looking for ideas on how to trash a Jewish cemetery, but if they’re like their hero, they probably don’t read much. A Twitter post is like a long novel for this gang. So I guess these books are being used by folks checking out the similarities between now and then.

A side note on the military fantasies. This is the guy who avoided the draft and all military service by being a student and because his feet hurt, and later had the gall to call avoiding sexual diseases his personal Vietnam because vaginas are like landmines and “there’s some real danger there”. All I can say is, “What a pussy!” Or I could go on about how it’s always the rich old white guys who know nothing about war who are the most enthusiastic about starting one. Or hey, if we build up the military enough, we can start a few.

I just checked my blood pressure and it’s high after writing this. On Valentine’s Day, I had a stress test and echocardiogram. No sign of blockages, so apparently I’d had weeks of a digestive issue and high anxiety. I wonder what could be causing that. The doomsday clock? The dismantling of environmental protections? Endangering the Endangered Species Act? A racist, sexist, xenophobic “leader” who has complete contempt for anyone who disagrees with him and who wants to drag the country back in time?

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