Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bring Me the Head of Donald Trump (Apologies to Peckinpah)

covfefe? Did he have a stroke? How could we tell?

This administration is the last gasp of a dying generation which wants to take future generations with it. 

covfefe? Did Melania finally let him hold her hand?

Except it's not fair to blame the whole generation, or old white men, or even rich old white men. Some of us clearly get it, and are able to think beyond our own greed and insecurities, and don't think everything is about us or this country.

covfefe? The stuff where his brain should be?

Not only is he likely unable to spell the spelling bee winner's name, he probably thinks she's a fake American.

constant negative press covfefe? Russian for bastards?

It's another loud celebration of militarism in Duluth this weekend. Yesterday, I heard and saw a long string of dozens of geese flying towards Canada. That's the kind of air show I prefer.

covfefe? The stuff his followers drink instead of Jim Jones's beverage? 

That would explain a lot about why he has any.


Hillary needs to go away. It's a shame she didn't do it a year ago. We probably wouldn't be in this deep covfefe now.

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