Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Sad Day (Tongue In and Out of Cheek)

It was time to buy postage stamps again even though I usually use only two a month. Last night I checked the USPS website to see if they had any I didn't already know were available. Nope--so it was either Henry Thoreau even though he looks like he's been airbrushed, or more Janis Joplin, or more National Parks. 

At the post office today, where available stamps are on display at the counter, I said I'd take the Thoreau. The young guy seemed to say, "People keep asking me what he's famous for and I don't know." Since my hearing is starting to go, I assumed I misunderstood and asked,"No one knows who he is?" He said, "I don't." Where to begin? I kept it simple and told him Thoreau wrote Walden, a classic book. No reaction.

At the library today, I picked up a copy of Social Security for Dummies. Can Medicare for Dummies be far behind? On the bright side, I also picked up Duluth's Historic Parks. That link has some sample pages to look over. I met one of the coauthors soon after I first moved to Duluth as part of a group which hiked all of the city parks, so I know she knows her subject.

And at the university today, it's housing check-in day and the neighborhood is overflowing with cute young women in cutoffs.